Ankle Of Doom!

March 5, 2010

Well, normally this infrequently-updated blog is about books, but today I wanted to show the entire world (i.e. less than one person who reads this) exactly what happens when you attempt to enact the ultimate cliché — in other words, stick your foot down a rabbit hole and destroy all the ligaments.

Three weeks of sick leave ensued. And, whilst ordinarily three weeks off work would be a Time Of Joy And Rejoicing, three weeks sitting down with your foot elevated, unable to sleep because the slightest move twinged a mangled sinew and being completely confined to a chair is not actually huge amounts of fun.


Currently, it’s still somewhat fat and swollen but the bruising has dissipated, except on the other side of the ankle where it pierced all the way through the joint. Walking is randomly difficult: there’s a particular foot angle that hurts considerably but I don’t know what it is and thus can’t avoid doing it.

Double sigh.

On the plus side, got a lot of reading done and will hopefully motivate soon to get some of it up here on the blog. 🙂


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