Not dead! + giant mutant space chicken

March 18, 2009

Not dead! Really! Just really, really busy. Actual content will appear again soon. Have read many books. Very good ones, too, like the Temeraire series, Dan Simmon’s Drood and Stephen Hunt’s ‘Jackals’ ongoing (Court of the Air, The Kingdom Beneath The Waves and the not-read-yet The Rise of the Iron Moon). And lots more. Yes.

Just busy. I feel guilty now.

To assuage this guilt-ridden feeling, I destroy your brain present you with pictures from the world’s greatest film, which is all about the attack of a giant space mutant chicken:



2 Responses to “Not dead! + giant mutant space chicken”

  1. Arnout Says:

    That giant space chicken is awesome. How’d the people behind it come up with the idea?

    One day at KFC…

    -Let’s make a crappy horror movie?
    -What about? Monkeys are taken, as are giant lizard monsters. What will be scary enough?
    -Let’s go for a genetically mutated, deformed chicken!

    sheer brilliance.

  2. sarcade Says:

    I particularly like the INCREDIBLY REALISTIC PLANE.

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