Lye Street

April 23, 2008

Lye Street, by Alan Campbell



Lye Street, by Alan Campbell.


Already out of print, so hunt the specialist booksellers. I don’t know how many copies were done but they went like snow on an Australian morning.

Lye Street is a limited edition novella, albeit a reasonably thick one, set between Campbell’s excellent Scar Night and his forthcoming Iron Angel. Mired in the gloomy, rusting, theocratical city of Deepgate, which hangs on massive chains over an abyss within which the God of Death lurks, it goes into greater detail about the angel Carnival, the scourge of Deepgate who has been hunting and killing one descendant of one particular family every fifty years for a very long time. The current descendant is attempting to summon a demon in an attempt to stop her, and Carnival herself, wherever she alights in the city, is finding messages scrawled and gouged into the bricks and ironwork telling her to go to Lye Street… that everything ends there…

Creepy and brutal, with many scenes still haunting me long after the story was done; in particular a moment when Carnival, broken memories surfacing and swirling, tries to bring herself back from her psychotic, endless mission and succumbs to the insistence of another that she could stop being a monster and be beautiful…

You need this. Hopefully when Campbell is established enough it’ll be reprinted as part of a collection for those who can’t find this edition, but I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to find even if technically out of print at the moment; it’s very recent. Also get Scar Night, at least, and hopefully Iron Angel, which is just about out now and I’m hoping will retain the elevated standards of excellence and imagination that the previous two works have so effortlessly aspired to.


2 Responses to “Lye Street”

  1. […] an exceptionally well-realised new world. Then came the limited edition Lye Street novella, which I’ve reviewed earlier so have no need to go through again. And finally we have this, the official second book in the Deepgate […]

  2. Camilla Says:

    Did I mention I’d ordered a copy of this and received it?

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