Mr Torso

March 17, 2008

Mr Torso, by Edward Lee 


Mr Torso, by Edward Lee.


Limited edition chapbook, very short, very difficult to obtain, very expensive. Only the fact that I’m a bit of a Lee completist dragged the wallet out for this one.

Mr & Miss Torso, to give it the proper title, is one of Edward Lee’s select group of extreme horror stories — or in this case, novallas. It’s the utterly nasty, brutal stuff you’ll never see on mainstream shelves unless you crack the shrinkwrap on American Psycho. The plot… well, despite what you might imagine, it isn’t about a serial killer. Which makes it all the worse…

I can’t really go into it in much more detail because it would give away the story. I can say it’s gross as all get out, but leavened (as most of Lee’s most extreme tales are) by a strong (and bloody) vein of humour running through the whole. I don’t know, rednecks quoting Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche whilst undertaking the most unimaginable of atrocities and swilling moonshine make me laugh, for some reason. Don’t they you? 😀

Mr Torso fits into Lee’s grotesque canon along with the stomach-evacuating (literally) delights of The Bighead, The Minotauress, Teratologist, Gast, Portrait of the Psychopath as a Young Woman, Ever Nat, Partners In Chyme, The Pig, Header, The McGrath Model SS40-C, Series S, The Stick Woman… the list goes on. Utterly splattery fun from pretty much the hardest of the extreme horror hardcore writers, and several miles more nasty — and delightful — that his also rather extreme mainstream material. If you can ever find a copy, well, you’ve been warned.




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