February 15, 2008

…words since last Friday. A grand total of 40 pages. I am pleased. With myself.

However, worry not. Book reviews and suchlike will return shortly; this isn’t going to be a blog detailing my progress on PM2. At least not for the most part — I reserve the right to highlight significant milestones like, for example, 10,000 words or, if it actually happens, 100 pages or something. 🙂

Haven’t actually done a lot of reading this week, not book-wise anyway. Mainly been writing; rest of time taken up by (blurgh) working. Anyway, books on the table that will probably get read and reviewed soon include:

  • Winkie, by Clifford Chase (about a teddy bear that comes to life and is promptly put on trial under the Homeland Security Act for complicity with the enemies in the War On Terror
  • The Spy Who Loved Me, by Ian Fleming (for some reason the only one I didn’t have, found it in a secondhand bookstore)
  • Doomsdays, by Jeffrey Thomas (vignettes from multiple different ends of the world)
  • Succulent Prey, by Wrath James White (brutal gore etc yay)
  • Monster Planet, by David Wellington (third in a pseudo-zombie trilogy: you know me by now)
  • Er, well, other things that I can’t remember since the pile isn’t in front of me.

Will try and update a bit over the next week but am away in Bunbury training people so internet is probably going to be an issue.


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