Bull-Headed Women! (and men)

February 12, 2008

 The Minotauress, by Edward Lee


The Minotauress, by Edward Lee.


Yep. Hail to the King of Extreme Redneck Horror ’cause he’s back, and it’s definitely extreme.

The Minotauress is classic, non-mass-market Lee. Occult demons (the Minotauress in question and, yay! Spermatogoyle!* ) , psychotic rednecks, philosophers in moonshine bars, more utter depravity than you can shake a steer’s horn at and beneath it all a clear, remarkable and downright clever writing style that shows that, whilst Lee is having a whole hail-of-a-lotta fun with the gross-out, he’s also a stunningly well-researched and -read writer who can plot and impart with the best of them.

You’d never see something like this published by any mainstream publisher, but Necro Publications has long since been Lee’s friend and his selling power in the limited edition/extreme market is second to none. The Minotauress kicks like an angry cow trying to escape a slaughterhouse, and won’t let you go until you’ve wallowed in every truly disgusting splatter of spilled guts and carnal monstrosity.

And why not add a little spice to this slop-bucket of blood and bodily fluids? There’s also a bonus novella called The Horn-Cranker, which is equally full of yee-ha!, splatter and enough political incorrectness to spray a wall with puke. Horn-cranking is the ancient art of manually removing a steer’s horns with a HORRIBLE GREAT RUSTY MACHINE and then… well, there’s a cave, and inside this cave there’s all sorts of hideous cow-related remains and — things — and guess what? They’re coming ba-aaack. Horned, horny and very pissed off.

Ed Lee. To paraphrase a movie catchphrase the title of which I can’t remember: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurl. It’s like drinking white lightning ‘shine whilst havin’ congress with a big ol’ unfriendly heifer. Bucking great. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried.  😛






* You’ll have to find a copy for yourself to experience the deep joy of the amazing and unforgettable Spermatogoyle. >:P



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