February 12, 2008

…words since last Friday. Of PM2. Which equals, in 11-point Courier New doublespaced, twenty-two pages. It’s early days yet, but it appears the laptop may have put a deep gouge into the rusty manacles of my writer’s block.

And perhaps this place has something to do with it too. I’ve been doing reviews — for my own interest, and not because I really think anyone is reading (if you are, hello! hope you’re enjoying the show! πŸ˜€ ) — for a month now, and the initial idea was to try and kickstart my corroded writing ability by writing anything. That’s metamorphosed into more detailed (and hopefully amusing) reviews because I’ve genuinely enjoyed doing them after the first few difficult lines, but the underlying imperative to try and write has always remained… along with the underlying perhaps it will translate into fiction hopefulness.

And in celebration, I shall provide whoever is watching a fragment. PM2 from about halfway through page 3: Β come on down!!






…[He] yelped, and instantly stopped struggling. When he was entirely still the acidic gout ceased and the churning mouth began to close.

But before it had shut entirely, a squealing mechanical voice spat forth, sharp as crystal above the increasingly freezing windrush of their passage.

Move again, little scrap,” said the Widowmecha, “and I take a foot. Snip, snip, snip.”


One Response to “4,157”

  1. Camilla Says:

    Hurrah!! Writing is Happening! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Go you πŸ˜€

    Am looking forward to reading the finished product.

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