I Can Never Be As Good As This…

February 4, 2008



Sob. I should really give up attempting to write EVER AGAIN. How can I compete…?


6 Responses to “I Can Never Be As Good As This…”

  1. Camilla Says:

    Oh, now I can see it.

    Yes, I’m afraid we’re all going to have to hang up our pens after that one…

  2. sarcade Says:

    Depressing, isn’t it.

  3. Camilla Says:

    Yup. Have you ever read Legolas by Laura?

  4. Camilla Says:

    To save you the trouble, here’s the link:

    And here’s the utterly hilarious review (plus reviews of a couple of other Godawful LOTR fanfic pieces):

    And here’s someone’s translation into English:

    There was a hysterical version where someone read it out loud at high speed, but I can’t find it just at the moment.

  5. sarcade Says:


    Makes you just want to start writing fanfic all over again, doesn’t it.

  6. Camilla Says:

    Yes, if only to negate the awfulness of Legolas by Laura! Like some bizarro kind of community service.

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