The Book of a Thousand Sins

January 7, 2008

Wrath James White

Dropping out of temporary fantasy gorging mode for a moment or two to read something quick, brutal and (joy) bloody disgusting.

Yep, here we have The Book Of A Thousand Sins by the unusually named Wrath James White*, a short story collection which relies very heavily on the most heinous methods of spilling bodily fluids — all of ’em — imaginable. Extreme-level Edward Lee-esque horror, naturally.

Surprisingly, I don’t recall any of the stories being clunkers; each held my attention, a couple doing so by hooking their metaphorical literary fingers into my eyeballs (something which happens occasionally in the stories themselves, incidentally). Content ranges from the eponymous title story, Sadean in its influences and about a book that’s fabled throughout the San Francisco extreme ‘pleasure’ community for its how-to depictions of the most revolting sex acts imaginable, through tales of God manifest on Earth and not being terribly happy about it (and a number of people being homicidally unhappy to see him), to an utter standout of political incorrectness wherein a deranged man takes monstrous — and peculiarly satisfying — revenge on the amoral, me-me-me-generation children today and their it’s-so00-not-my-fault-it’s-society’s-and-I’m-not-responsible parents. Loved that story to death (no pun intended, kiddies, heh heh). Reminds me of something I wrote ages ago: Children Shouldn’t Play With Knives, I think I called it.

Gross, repellent, disturbing, thought-provoking and occasionally beautiful. More like this, please. 🙂

* And, you know, Wrath’s a very good name for a horror writer, methinks.


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